Ten films that are worth watching more than ten times

1. Drugstore Cowboy
-Probably the best film Matt Dillon ever made.
-“If I ever see a hat on the bed in the house, man you will never see me again”

2. Barfly
-Mickey Rourke at his best
3. Dog Day Afternoon
4. Wonder Boys
-Great acting
5. Almost Famous
-This is one of those films that is worth watching over 25 times, I know I have.
-Untitled Director’s cut rules
6. The Last Waltz
Best rock documentary combined with great live performances
7. Serpico
8. 24 Hour Party People
-just plain fucking awesome film
9. The Verdict
-Newman, great story
10. The Getaway
-Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw, perfect


Writer, Poet, Music guy, Animal activist, Environmental activist.

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